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1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Menu Plan Monday Week 15

I've got a question for come people only throw up at night? Specifically children who somehow forget their way to the bathroom at the crucial moment? Are tummy bugs nocturnal? Do they first feed on your sense of direction? Well, they do at our house. We had two sick boys last night. I should give them credit for improved performance while nauseated...this time they didn't come scare me out of a deep sleep in the middle of the night to announce, "Mom, I feel like I'm gonna throw up" and then proceed to do so on me. In light of that memory, I guess I shouldn't complain! I probably only have myself to blame anyway. I was so tired of looking at the piles of Easter treats that I allowed them to have an all-you-can-eat buffet. You gotta let loose sometimes! Besides, there won't be any more candy until October.
I get a few days off from cooking this week while we are traveling to yet another Irish dance competition. However, I am trying several new recipes that I will post as they are deemed successful. We also have a super fun surprise day planned for Friday on our way to Dallas...we're going to Dino World (for the boys)and picnicking for lunch and then going to the American Girl Doll Store (for the girls).
Here's the plan...have a great week!

Breakfast: Piggies on a stick (pancake wrapped sausage on a stick)
Dinner: Sour cream salsa chicken (made in the crockpot) and fettucini, confetti corn, salad
Breakfast: Bacon, cheese and tomato quiche and cantaloupe
Dinner: Meatloaf and mashed potatoes (both from the freezer, English peas
Breakfast: Sausage biscuits and pepper gravy
Dinner: After homeschool roller skating day, dinner at a friend's. I'm bringing lasagna (from the freezer), homemade bread and a German chocolate cheesecake.
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs on toast and fruit
Dinner: Cheese ravioli with homemade pesto and peppers, salad
Breakfast: on the road, probably kolaches and yogurt
Dinner: Family fun night
Breakfast: Hotel buffet
Dinner: Out
Breakfast: Hotel buffet
Dinner: BLT wraps, veggie chips

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