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1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Menu Plan Monday June 21-28

Well, after a wonderful weekend with my husband and a great Father's Day, he's on his way back to work and we're back to our summer fun. This week is vacation Bible school and...God willing...our closing (although I really think it's going to be next week...I can still hope!).

I've been extremely diligent in keeping with my menu plans and in turn I've been saving lots of money! I'm feeding our family of 9 minus 1 for approximately $90.00 per week. And we are not eating beans! No offense to bean growers and lovers everywhere....we love 'em but don't want to have to eat them for every meal. We did end up ditching the bleu cheese burgers because we ended up eating out instead. However, our star of the week was the meatloaf sandwiches with asiago cheese sauce and sundried tomato mayonnaise. I ended up serving them on a garlic parmesan bread I found while shopping for the was so good!

Here is our plan for this week....Happy eating!

Breakfast -
Cinnamon toast
Chicken alfredo,
Glazed carrots,
Garlic bread

Breakfast -
Breakfast pizza
Dinner -
Thai noodle bowls (saw this on 30 minute meals and thought it would be yummy...I'll let you know)

Breakfast -
Orange cinnamon rolls
Dinner -
Corn dog casserole

Breakfast -
Pancakes ( check out Jim's Pancakes...we may not get that elaborate but talk about inspired!)
Dinner - Grilled chicken quesadillas with watermelon salsa,
Rice pudding

Breakfast -
Cheese omelets
Family Fun Night! Pizza, fruit skewers with chocolate fondue

Saturday -
Homemade jelly filled doughnuts
Dinner -
Coconut battered chicken tenderloins - mix bisquick with enough beer or tonic water to make a thick batter; dip chicken in and then in coconut; fry in hot oil until golden),
Tropical luau rice - add pineapple chunks, black beans, roasted corn and green onion to white rice, Orange lime dipping sauce

Breakfast -
Ham and cheese kolaches on the way to church
Dinner -
Summer spaghetti - toss cooked spaghetti with diced fresh tomatoes, torn fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, and cubed or pearl fresh mozzarella. It's light, refreshing and filling.

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  1. The watermelon salsa is such a good idea. It looks so versatile and refreshing!


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